Colabra typically works with clients that are involved in global B2B selling environments, often adapting to changing market dynamics, an expanding portfolio of products or services, and growing complexity of sales channels. Clients range from Fortune 30 corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises trying to accelerate growth.


Bryan LeBlanc, CFO, Jive Software

“I didn’t realize how transformative working with Colabra would be for us. Colabra helped us to see the reality of the markets we were pursuing in new ways and framed choices that allowed us to get our go-to-market plans truly aligned. As a result, we have built a foundation for a new path to growth.”

Andy MacMillan, CEO, Act-On Software

“Working with the Colabra team led us to a new level of introspection across our sales process and go to market strategy — refining our segmentation and tightening our focus. Our relationship with Colabra has helped us to keep asking and answering the questions of alignment needed to drive effective change.”

Ray Conner, SVP Worldwide sales, Boeing

“Michael Dittmar has been a consistent and valuable partner to the entire Boeing sales leadership team worldwide. He and his team have not only brought thought leadership to our go-to-market and account development strategies, but they have also helped us drive a process of critical change in our customer-facing teams, enabling us to become a more world-class sales organization. Our renewed sales focus on customer value has directly contributed to some of our most significant new customer wins.

Don Beck, former SVP Worldwide sales, Postini

“The Colabra team is different and made much more of an impact than other consulting firms with whom I’ve worked. Their focus was on empowering and accelerating us and leveraging the best that we had, rather than reinventing everything or selling us on their ‘system.’ Colabra helped us develop and clarify our sales strategy for the enterprise market, identifying call points and creating messaging. The result was a dramatic increase in sales to both new and existing accounts. It is not an overstatement to say that the sales results we achieved with their help contributed significantly to our acquisition by Google. They played a huge role in our success.”

Song Tang Yih, VP Asia Pacific, F5 Networks

“The Colabra team significantly strengthened F5 Networks’ sales leadership and sales management capabilities in Asia Pacific at a time when our organization required a more structured approach to managing our rapid growth. This was accomplished with great skill and sensitivity in cross-cultural communication…They excel at change management…and we consider them as partners in our success.”

Basab Pradhan, former VP Worldwide sales, Infosys Technologies

“Michael Dittmar and his team made the effort to really understand our business and the challenges we were facing as we scaled our global sales effort. They helped us focus on the right go-to-market approach and account development strategies that became the backbone of our sales expansion and gave us real competitive advantage.”

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