Our client engagements generally involve one or more of these services.


Go-to-market and sales strategies

We help achieve alignment on marketing and sales strategy by identifying target segments, engaging prospects, optimizing deployment models, and refining channel and partner strategies.


Sales messaging

Engaging in compelling dialog with customers requires bringing meaningful insight into their challenges. We help clients architect effective customer conversations that incorporate unique points of view and center on value creation.


Major account development

Maximizing the value to and revenue from key accounts requires clear strategy, cross-functional alignment, and disciplined execution. We have a simple yet elegant framework to help account teams drive accelerated results in major accounts.


Pipeline development strategies

We drive targeting and execution precision between sales and marketing. Our approach centers on well-researched key plays that focus the sales engine and create higher quality pipeline. Moreover, we identify metrics and the right leading indicators to guide execution.


Change management for distributed sales forces.

Driving meaningful changes across a field sales organization is the single biggest point of failure for most sales strategies. Based on both the best academic research and real experience, we optimize team structure, strengthen and enable leadership, and define metrics and practical strategies for driving change that sticks.


Sales process optimization

We provide sales leadership processes, sales tool development, and field enablement to help drive execution excellence across all aspects of the sales process. Our approach centers on a deep understanding of the customer buying process combined with harvesting and replicating local best practices in order to address a variety of common challenges.

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